TRAINING- Scenario Game

In house training programmes for academics and executives around the world

Triple Helix Scenario Practice:

Triple Helix Scenario Planning is an interactive game that facilitates consensus building, stakeholder decision making and future looking action plan. It combines a Scenario Planning technique with the Triple Helix model of multi-stakeholder coalitions, mobilised to address the challenges of our world. The objective of this game is to create an innovative solution to a complex problem through adopting a multi-stakeholder approach and well-defined university-industry-government interactions –by effective communication, building and managing relationships, and institution building.

The programme overview

In house training programmes for academics and executives around the world

Innovation & Strategy game for Executive Training:

  • Introduction and back ground to Scenario Planning»
  • Learning how to play the Triple Helix game »
  • Brainstorming on stakeholders and future scenarios »
  • Facilitated discussion on Actors, Drivers, Resources, Knowledge, Innovation and Consensus »
  • Scenario planning for Multistakeholder engagement »
  • Presentations, evaluations, feedback and outline of recommended strategies »

Building a How-to-Do
Practice for Scenario Development
and Multistakeholder Engagement

The Programme

Participants will learn

Scenario Planning

Learn about scenario planning and multi-stake holder engagement in the context of unique problem cases. Develop an understanding of the Triple Helix model and how to relate different stakeholders

Scenario Development

Look at persistent problems from a new perspective and forecast their evolution overtime. Learn & share experience of university– industry – government cooperation and knowledge transfer pathways.

Multi Stakeholder Engagement

Practice problem solving and scenario planning through the multi-stakeholder lenses of sustainable development. Discover the power of connecting and collaboration.

Organisations and individuals that will benefit:

Previous topics include: The Future of Knowledge Transfer and IP Management; Implementing SDG’s; The Future of Science Parks and Incubators

  • Regional authorities, local councils, government officials »
  • Cluster managers and managers of collaborative ventures »
  • Science parks managers and facilitators of knowledge and technology transfer »
  • Regional representatives involved in cross-European collaboration projects »
  • Public service authorities managing innovation outputs and overseeing the regional dimension of Innovation »

Demonstration of the Triple Helix Scenario Game

International Workshop of social responsble entrepreneurial unversity. Online workshop demonstrating the Triple Helix Scenario Game.

  • International Workshop speaker -  Prof. Emanuela Todeva- Vice President of Triple Helix Association

  • 17 June 2020 »