Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development Research Centre (BCNED)


Business networks and business clusters have become an intricate part of the global economy with which policy makers are baffled at present. The research activities in the Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED) group are focused upon revealing underlying linkages and interdependencies in the global economy and the impact of regional agglomerations of firms on global industries and value-chains.

The BCNED group is leading in the design and the use of sophisticated methodologies, among which are cluster analysis and network analysis. Research and analytical products completed by the group are based on building and extracting large data sets containing firms, universities and centres of excellence in innovation and research, as well as innovation outputs such as patents and publications.

Previous Workshops

Global Value Chains: Global and Local Integration (2015)

Research Methodology for Global Business Clusters and Global Value Chain Networks (2014) ( Download programme )
Entrepreneurial University, Engaged Industry and Active Government: Triple Helix Opportunities (2014)
Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) WORKSHOP REPORT
Comparing Cluster Performance and Interconnecting Clusters in the Health Technology Sector (2007)
Grow Health Workshop: Methodology and best Practice in Health Technology Clustering (2006)
Clusters, Networks & Alliances in the Telecommunications Sector (2003)


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