The BCNED centre has received generous support from a number of sponsors and has hosted doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Among the outputs are: research seminars, collaborative publications, case study work, and other research initiatives. Among the BCNED sponsors are: South East of England Development Agency, Oxford2Cambridge Arc, East of England Development Agency, London Development Agency, the Institute for Advanced studies at the University of Surrey, Santander University Global Partnership Network, FAPESP and CAPES in Brazil, as well as scholars from ‘Stakeholders & Networks’ group at the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil, ICAM Research Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia, among others.



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More publications at: http://ssrn.com/author=1124332

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BCNED has hosted a number of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, case study work, collaborative publications and research initiatives. Among the key researchers are:

1. Bob Meng
2. Stefano Fior
3. Cristina Espinheira Costa Pereira
4. Eduardo Armando
5. Luana Zanetti Trindade

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2015 - Webinar facilitator
Developing Innovation Ecosystems, THA Webinar Series, September 2015.
NOTE: 'Access for THA members only'

2014 - Webinar coordinator and facilitator:
Triple Helix for Newbies and How Institutions Can Enhance Effectiveness of TH Relationships

2014 - When it comes to work, location still matters
interview with Rhymer Rigby, Financial times, October 12, 2014

2013 - Celebrating the International Open Access Week
Celebrating the International Open Access Week – ‘Supporting the Creative Commons’, interview with Surrey Research on-line

2003 - Einstein Network, The Finance Channel
‘Globalisation of Markets – Affecting the Behaviour of the Multinationals’.

1997 - European Business News
Live television interview discussing ‘Restructuring of Government in Russia’.

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A sample of completed cases includes:

1. RWE Vertical and Horizontal Integration in the Utilities Sector: The Case of RWE
2. SCB Business and Strategies Standard Charter
3. Strategic Management in a Global Context . The Turnstone Group

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