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Scenario Planning Game
Triple Helix Scenario Planning is an interactive game that facilitates consensus building, stakeholder decision making and future looking action plan. It combines a Scenario Planning technique with the Triple Helix model of multi-stakeholder coalitions, mobilised to address the challenges of our world.
The objective of this game is to create an innovative solution to a complex problem through adopting a multi-stakeholder approach and well-defined university-industry-government interactions –by effective communication, building and managing relationships, and institution building.


  • Teams of players discuss critical information and attempt to answer challenging questions forecasting future developments and preparing alternative action-plans.
  • Among the outcomes of the game are analysis of complex situations and the driving forces behind, discussing the behaviour of key actors and speculating about the future scenarios and new emerging challenges.
  • The Triple Helix Scenario Planning game enables experts to build a consensus model that mobilises all relevant stakeholders and offers creative solution to the set problems.
  • During the game facilitators infuse personal development, effective team playing and creative decision-making that culminates in an Action Plan ready for implementation. To discuss – how to set a specific game challenge, or further details, please, contact


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