Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development Research Centre (BCNED)




2016 - Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management Research (CIMR).
Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London.

'Measuring the impact of academic research:
best practices and open questions'.
Birkbeck University (2nd Dec 2016)


2016 - IBCE Conference - Lahore, Pakistan.

International Business Conference & Exhibition (7th - 8th Nov 2016)



2016 - XIV International Triple Helix Conference- Heidelberg, Germany.

Triple Helix Models of Innovation:
Addressing Ecosystem Challenges in the Era of Crises (25th-27th Sept 2016)



2016 - Regional Helix: Castelo Portugul -

International Conference on Regional Triple Helix Dynamics
(29/ 30 June - 1 July 2016)


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International Conference on Responsible Entrepreneurship. Vision,
Development and Ethics (ICEIRD2016)

Keynote Presentation by Dr Emanuela Todeva -

"The emerging model of regional Triple Helix"

(23 - 24 June 2016, Bucharest, Romania)




2016 - Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics (GEUM) Workshop II: Palo Alto,

International Triple Helix Institute (ITHI),
(3-5 June 2016)

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2016 - Smart Regions Conference - Brussels.

European Commission - Driving Smart Specialisation Investments
in Priority Areas for European Growth
(1 - 2 June 2016)


2016 - Smart Specialisation Platform for Agri-Food - Brussels.

European Commission thematic information day for regional and national authorities
(12 May 2016)


2016 - S3 Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment - Brussels.

European Commission thematic information day for regional and national authorities.
Positions in new global value chains across key European industries.
(11 May 2016)


2016 - IFSAM 2016 World Congress: Yucatan, Mexico.

New World Equilibrium: managing regional realities (17- 20 May 2016)

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2016 - Governance Workshop, USP-RP, Brazil

Deter or comply? Theoretical tensions between regulation, governance and strategic behaviour

2016 - Conference - Keynote Seminar, DUBAI,

Measuring Innovation in Europe for future growth, (Jan 2016)

Invited Presentation by Professor Emanuela Todeva.
The Seminar Measuring Innovation in Europe for Future Growth was hosted by Innovate Management Consulting and focused on the challenges of comparing innovation systems across the globe and drivers for investing in innovation capabilities. now on Youtube & Social media channels. The presentation was published on Youtube - Jan 28, 2016


Presentation   POSTER VIDEO

Presentation (2.9MB - PDF Requires Adobe Reader)
Watch Video on Youtube - 'Seminar Measuring Innovation in Europe for Future Growth'.

The Launch of the First THA Webinar
"Triple Helix for Newbies and How Institutions Can Enhance Effectiveness of TH Relationships"

Dr Emanuela Todeva -

(2013, University of Surrey)


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TCI Mediterranean Conference, Izmir 2012 "Clusters as Drivers for Economic
and Social Development in the Mediterranean Area" -

Keynote presentation by Dr Emanuela Todeva -

"Governance Of Triple Helix Relationships And Regional And National Intermediation”.

(14-15 June 2012, Ismir, Turkey)


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Webinar Series:
The first webinar of the TH association.
  • Triple Helix for Newbies and How Institutions Can Enhance Effectiveness of TH Relationships

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  • 2014-2015 webinar series
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