Business History

Business History the UK Research Assesssment Exercise

This is a collaborative project that aims at developing a new method of journal ranking. It explores network analysis techniques applied to journal Ego-networks. We have mapped the network relations between the journal of Business History and all other directly associated journals that represent the Business History academic field. The first output from the project was a collaborative paper: Rowlinson M., Todeva, E., Harvey, C., Kelly, A., Keskinova, D, Morris, H. (2010) ‘Editorial: Business History in the UK Research Assessment Exercise’, European Business History Association, Newsletter Issue 31. Authors that publish in the Business History Journal, publish also in the following fields: Fig. 1. Embeddedness of Business History



The Business History field has also a few disconnected parts: Fig. 2. The Business History Field.



Two other papers related to the methodology and the outcomes are in the pipeline.
Business History Paper
E.TODEVA Scholarly Paper